Winter Golf Gloves

The golf season in temperate areas usually has a limit when temperature drops below zero. This is the more quiet season of the year, and at the same time the most zen-like experiences can be made in late autumn. Imagine a frost bitten morning, everybody else is at work, and you have the opportunity to play a perfect round of golf. At first it can be rather chilly but once you've played a couple of holes things begin to warm up and soon you're drenched in sun. What a great day ahead! 

Sometimes the sun doesn't show and later in the year things can become pretty chilly even when the sun is out, the bone-shattering feeling of your fingers when hitting a rabbit-killer. The solution to this is of course to always keep your hands warm, so even if you would at some point shank (not that we think you do:)) the ball, at least your fingers wont go numb - that is you are wearing proper winter golf gloves. 

Winter golf gloves are designed to keep your hands warm, and at the same time not be too thick and insulating, avoiding any loss of touch performing the game. Unlike other gloves these comes in pairs, as when the weather is winter cold you need to wear gloves on both hands. As winter in many areas also implies substantial amount of rain, the winter gloves most commonly are made in all weather synthetic fabric. This material ensures a firm grip even when the grip of your club is wet from rain. 

Sometimes there is a gap between the occasions you're wearing weather gloves. It is important to keep the gloves in shape over time. Hence always store your regular gloves and your winter gloves/gloves for wet weather in the glove humidor, ensuring a long life span, and that your gloves are ready for use at any circumstance.