What hand do you wear the golf glove on? Right and left-handed golf gloves

If your new to the game, you it might not yet be clear which hand to wear a golf glove on and why. Its pretty easy and simple. You wear the glove on what you think of as your weak hand. So, if you write a letter with your right hand your weak hand is left. And if you write with your left hand you should have the golf glove on your right hand. However, if you feel comfortable with your grip you can skip the glove or, you could even wear one glove on each hand. There are even PGA players that wear two gloves.

Normally the best players only wear the glove for full swings when there is more force into play and hence its easier to slip on the grip. For the short play and puts they remove the glove because they feel the need for more feeling. The glove gives more friction on the grip and thus a better grip (if you got sweaty hands you can read more about it here). But it also makes you lose a little bit of the feeling because there is an extra layer between your skin and the club. For most players the benefit outweighs the drawbacks on the full swing shots but for putting its more an individual choice. But this depends on if it is a cabretta leather glove or a synthetic  golf glove

The reasons the glove is worn on your weak hand is because this hand makes most of the holding of the club. The strong hand controls the direction more and the weak hand the swing speed and force. A glove for left hand and right hand are sewn in the same way so there is no difference in quality or feel. Around 10% of a population is left-handed and then need a right handed golf glove. But, strangely enough, there are only around 7% of golfers who want a right-handed glove or plays that way. This is probably because lack of gear or more expensive gear, so some left-handed players start playing like a right handed golfer. However, in general the handicap is lower for players that are left-handed and use the golf glove on their right hand.

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