What are the best synthetic golf gloves?

The most common material in golf gloves is the cabretta (sheep skin) leather golf gloves. Leather is a great material because its moisture resistant and stays soft for a long time (though golf gloves in general does not really last for a long time). Synthetic material is used in golf gloves on smaller parts of the the glove. There are also complete synthetic golf gloves but that’s rare and less popular.

Synthetic material is very stretchy and lightweight and fits perfect with the aim of a golf glove. Its often places between fingers or on the knuckle joint to allow flexibility. The synthetic material is quite often elastan, lycra or different types of microfibers. A 100% synthetic glove will be more durable than leather and also very breathable and lightweight. However, the feeling of genuine leather is hard to accomplish.

The all-weather gloves are often made of synthetic material that improves the grip. This is done by using material who raises up when the fibres of the fabric gets wet. When doing so the grip improves.

Also, synthetic leather is often used in gloves providing same look as genuine leather gloves does. Also these gloves last longer then leather but instead breathes a lot worse. Your hands will get a lot sweatier in synthetic leather gloves then in genuine leather gloves.

When Ed Young started designing our glove we quickly realized that the only way we could get a glove with good grip and good breathability was to create what’s called a hybrid glove. We have synthetic material which is light weight and breathes amazingly good at the back of the hand. Then in the palm we use genuine leather for the best possible comfort and grip. This creates a glove with the best from both worlds – grip, flexibility, durability and breathability.