Wear Golf gloves with colours and patterns in 2021

Lets face it, the traditional golf glove is a white leather glove and...boring. What you see is that traditions are making way for new styles. Also golfers wants to express their love for the game with wearing coloured golf gloves and in some occasions also with patterns. A leather golf glove can normally not be printed with patterns and are more or less single coloured. So if you are looking for coloured (and cool) golf gloves you can find cabretta leather gloves in a variety of colours. 

If you are looking for gloves with patterns it becomes a bit tricker becasue leather does not print well. You nornally then look for a glove with synthetic material which is printable. 

The most popoluar glove colours are

  1. White - Still the king of gloves
  2. Black - this is alsy a best seller especially on winter- and rain gloves
  3. Grey - Stil a safe bet for most. 
  4. Pink - not only for women. Also Men wear pink and you even see some tour players using it
  5. Green - everbody wants to hit the green so why not in a green glove

Our gloves are offered with our classic camo pattern in the colours of green, blue and black. We offer either "all over printing" in the back of the hand or a pattern on the wrist of the glove. The pattern is made from golf bunkers, clubs and greens and the green colour is based on the colour of a particular grasstyp common in colder countries. You can also customize your gloves yourself here. 

Blue is a colour which we see more and more interest in becuase its easy to match with clothing. All our gloves are made of top grade cabretta leather in the palm and a colour and pattern on the back of the glove or on the wrist. Below you can see our camo colletion of golf gloves with patterns. Also see our golf glove set & packs