Unique Golf Gloves

As a modern individual of the 2020s it is common to express your personality through the things you wear, the things you own, the services you use, the brands you like. It is not a new thought per se, but the variablity and the options around have never been at a higher level than at current times, hence also posing a greater challenge for anyone wanting to stand out from the crowd. In the world of golf apparel and golf gloves, looks still seem to be a few decades behind though. Our signature golf glove is also the perfect gift for any golfer, so check out our golf gift boxes

This is good news for you as we at The Ed Young have the ambition to serve with unique quality golf gloves to make a difference. Both when it comes to looks - and with no compromise when it comes to performance. We like to believe we offer the most cool golf glove and, at the same time, fun golf gloves on the market. 

Our original and most popular glove is the hybrid green camo glove with its truly unique design and unique combination of AAA cabretta leather and 4-way strech synthetic fabric at the back of the hand, creating a superior grip feel and at the same time breathable lightweight glove with looks like no other. 

As gloves are personal we also introduce the all cabretta glove with printed fabric interstitial to fingers and matching wrist band. This new glove is also truly unique in a little more subtle way. People are unique and our goal is to present unique golf gloves to fit any indivudal. You an also create your own custom golf gloves here. Check out our best options below: