The best summer golf glove

There are tons of golf gloves that will tell you (well, their brand might tell you) they are a good fit for the summer. But before choosing a brand you should consider what makes a good summer golf glove is. In summer, its warmer so its likely that you will sweat more than in spring and autumn. This requires a glove which breathes more then normal. Here you can choose for different type of perforated leather gloves or for gloves with parts synthetic. What we recommend not to do is to use synthetic leather gloves since this is a material that breathes less good and will only make you sweat more. In summer it’s also worth considering how you use the golf glove – does it stay on the whole round or come off between shots?

Our best advice for summer golf gloves:

  1. Use a hybrid golf glove with parts synthetic material for improved breathability
  2. Use 2 golf gloves each round, one for the first 9 and one for the back.
  3. If you have the patience, remove the glove after each shot (then #2 is not necessary)
  4. Use a good quality glove with leather in the palm that maintains grip also with sweaty hands
  5. Use one size smaller then normal (leather expands when it gets warm)
  6. Store the glove in a storage case like a golf glove humidor

 Have you checked out our gloves? They are perfect for summer use because of their light weight material in the back of the hand. Its a hybrid model for the warmer days that keeps your grip and no slip and that can be worn between shots.