Glove Size chart

How to choose the right size? 

We have worked hard to come up with this and most golfers actually wear the wrong size. A golf glove should fit like a second skin and be the perfect fit between club and hand. You can view the below chart to make sure you have the perfect fit. 

But first, lets start with measuring your palm (make sure you measure the hand you wear the glove on since hands can differ in size). 

Measure the length of your middle finger and and also from the top of your middle finger to the bottom of your palm. Measure also the disctance around your hand just under the knuckles and be sure to not include your thumb when doing so. 

Glove size Palm width Middle finger lenght
Men's S 90 mm 213 mm
Men's M 95 mm 217 mm
Men's M/L 95 mm 220 mm
Men's L 100 mm 230 mm
Men's XL 105 mm 235 mm


Sizing Tips:

  • If you fall between two sizes, try the smaller size first.
  • Cabretta leather will stretch as you wear through multiple rounds.
  • Our most commonly sold men's size is L
  • If your left shoulder faces the flag when swinging, choose "Left Hand"
  • If your right shoulder faces the flag when swinging, choose "Right Hand"
  • Always try the glove on to ensure proper fit.
  • Check your size at the start of every season, it can change over time.