1. What is the difference between synthetic and leaher gloves? 

Leather gloves are made from top quality Cabretta leather (haired sheep) and remains sof and pliable. The biggest drawback is that they wear out faster then needs to be replaced. Leather gloves will also stretch out so you need to buy one with snug fit. Synthetic materials offer more flexibility and are more durable, but they breathe less good then leather gloves. Then, there is the Hybrid glove that combines leather and synthetic fibers. Having leather in the palm creates grip and feel but having synthetic in other parts make the glove more flexible and durable. 

2. How should my glove fit? 

Your glove should be almost like a second skin. It should fit nice and tight as leather stretch a bit. The strap should overlap around 80% of the way. You can also view our sizing chart for more info. 

3. Are the products manufactured with fair workign conditions? 

Yes! Before ordering the factories fill out and compliance sheet in where they state how the working conditions are. We have also either personally or via third party inspected the factories physically to make sure they comply with our agreements. 

4. Where are our products made and how? 

Products are designed in Sweden and then manufactured in different places. Gloves are made in China, Indonesia and Pakistan whilst other products are made in Portugal, China and Thailand. 

5. Where does Ed Young ship? 

We shiop worldwide no matter where youre homecourse is located. Depending on where you are we might ship the products from different warehouses.