Custom golv gloves - Personlized gloves for your event

Are you looking for a custom golf glove for your shop, course or company event? We can offer unique gloves that you will be the only one wearing.


  • Orders from 25 pcs to unlimited
  • 6 weeks leadtime

All gloves are manufactured in our family-owned facility in Indonesia. The quality is top (and we can make it less high if you prefer) and it’s a complete white label solution where only your brand wil be visible.

What can be customized?

With our golf glove you can customize the following:

  • The pattern
  • The logo on the Velcro strap
  • The colour of the pattern

You have complete freedom to customize the pattern to anything you like. Our design team can also help you create the pattern based on your initial idea. Normally you send us a PDF, .ai or .eps file but if you do not know what this means we will help you. Just reach out and were here.

We can also order all leather carbetta gloves in specific colours and with custom logo. This requires a min volume of 200 gloves since colours requires more work and setup before being able to produce it.

You can check out our glove models here (2 models). 

Ordering process

  • Send artwork
  • We get back with a preview image of what it would look like
  • You order
  • 4-6 weeks delivery

Are there minimum orders?

Yes, and no. Normally you need to order 100 glvoes of the same pattern or custom glove. We can lower this down to 25 but this means we cant do all sizes and price will be more expensive. Prices ranges from 10 USD – 40 USD depending on volume. Typically smaller volumes (below 100) are more expensive. Are you worried about the sizing? We got you covered – we know the typical size lists and you just give us the number of participants and their gender distribution.

Send us an email at golf@theedyoung.com and we will get back to you within short.