Cool & fun golf gloves in cabretta leather in 2021

We did not make our golf gloves to be fun or cool but as it turns out, they seem to be both. Designed from our swedish designer, Johanna, we have turned an every day staple ware to something more fun and a very unique golf glove. We offer our signature and cool pattern in green, blue and black colour and also full hand or wrist pattern. This glove is like no other glove out there - its supersoft, good quality and a pattern that is different from anything you seen before. This glove makes a statement on course and with a premium feel. 

The inspiration comes from a local course which is widely considered the most fun course to play here (Ullna!). We used inspiraiton from their bunker and green designs to create an extra cool and unique golf glove which can be played around the year. 

Fun & cool golf glove