Best golf glove for sweaty hands in 2021

Yes, if you are like me you are also sweating on your hands. Especially on those warmer days and if you enjoy wearing a golf glove. Its a combination that doesn´t work well with traditional golf gloves. Maybe your sweaty hands are messing with your grip and play? 

If you have hyperhidrosis you know what we mean. You need gloves that work also when they become wet or that they dont become wet. If you play without gloves things are probalby worse for you. In worst case you get some blisters preventing you from performing your best. 

Having the right gloves when you have issues with sweating will mean that your game will go largely unaffected by the condition.  

Working out this problem will also have a positive impact on your game, as it does to your mental state. Which we know is important for golf. No one needs to be stressed out about something that can be managed while out on the golf course.

Golf should be a time for fun and relaxation, not stress about sweaty hands. 

We have spent a lot of time developing our glove to make it work for sweaty hands and still maintian a good grip. The solution is to work with different materials to make the glove less varm but also make sure it dries up fast between strokes. Our gloves are manufactured with synthetic quick dry material on the back of the hand which breaths nicely when its warm and also dries up faster. The top grade cabretta leather used in the palm makes sure you maintain a firm grip of the clubs with blisters. 

Some say rain gloves are good for sweaty hands but we dont agree. Rain gloves has a different grip and surface then normal golf gloves making them instead warmer then normal gloves. This is not for you if you have issues with sweaty hands. Our gloves are lightweight and elastic making them perfect for warmer days and warmer hands. The new improved velcro strap also makes it easy to remove the glove so you can dry it quickly. 

We recomend that you use at least two gloves during your round to make sure you always have a glove thats is comfortable. Some like to shift after first 9 holes and some shift between strikes depending on how you usually do it and if you are used to removing it after every strike. 

Below is our top gloves if you have sweaty hands.