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Looking for the ultimate camouflage golf glove? The pattern of our camo glove is a camo pattern designed for the golfer with where the shapes in the pattern are bunkers, clubs and greens. The camo glove is available in three different colours, green, blue and orange. The glove has grade AAA cabretta leather in the palm and synthetic material on the back of the hand. This combination ensures great flexibility and fit. It also makes you sweat less which in turn makes the glove last longer. These gloves last around 10 rounds of golf (6-700 strokes) depending on how you take care of it. The camo pattern is our signature pattern and the ideas come from a local Golf course, Ullna, where we used the shape of a green on hole #13 to create the pattern. 

Camo golf glove

The inside if the camo golf glove is in white cabretta leather. The index finger is important for the grip and hence is in cabretta leather. The camo pattern allows your hands the breath superior while maintaning the nice feeling from the leather in the side of the palm.