How to make your golf gloves last longer?

As a golfer you want the advantage of a glove in getting good grip and control of your game. Its not the most expensive part of your gear but since a glove typically lasts for 6-10 rounds (unless you are a pro and change it 2 times per round). It doesn’t sound like much but if you play a 90 strike round and average 2,5 puts its 45 strokes per round making it last from 270-450 strikes. If you also count on one practice swing per stroke you end up with around 600-900 strikes lifetime for a glove. Plus you probably hit a few buckets on the range also…

Playing 30 rounds per year means you need 4 gloves on average. Suddenly you pay 100$ just for the gloves. In this article we share some insights in how to extend the life of your gloves and get some extra rounds in.

The wear and tear of the glove depend on a number of different things:

  • Quality of the glove
  • The conditions of the location you play in (humidity, temperature etc)
  • Your grip (tight / loose)
  • How you care for the glove between rounds
  • How you use it (all strikes or just irons etc)

Quality of the glove
A quality glove is not necessarily made of leather but it has a good fit and good seems. Its also not necessarily so that an expensive high quality gloves last longer. Some of the best gloves are fo high performance play and are made to fit your hand extremely tight which means flexibility is down and they wear out faster. Also, high performance gloves use thinner leather for better fell which also makes them last longer. The most important thing (besides fit) is the grip of the glove. Unless the grip is good the glove is no good. We prefer using a glove that is in the middle to upper quality range. The cheaper ones often break fast and has a poorer grip and the most high performing gloves are for people with a 500$ budget for gloves per season.

Conditions of the location
The temperature determine how much you sweat. The more you sweat the less time the glove lasts for. If you play when it rains a lot this also has big impact on the glove since rains lowers the lifetime of the glove. Especially if you dry it the wrong way (put it in the bag pocket). If its not dried out it looses its tight grip and fit and you will then also tear on it more for each stroke. If you play in courses with a lot of wind you probably also grip the club a bit harder and even so little impacts the lifetime of the glove.

tight grip of course means it lasts shorter and soft grip means it last longer. Pretty straightforward and simple. Most golfers grip to hard and you can see this quite fast in the glove. The glove can also give you good direction on exactly where you grip to hard and can help you loosen your grip. Take a look at the old gloves and become a better golfer just by that. Also its very common to hold the club to close to the but of the grip. Another common caveat is also that your clubs are fading and rubbing off on your glove making them last shorter.

How you care for the glove
If you take of the glove between all strokes it last longer when it comes to grip but it can also effect the seams and Velcro strap of the of the glove. If you take it of you sweat less but with a tight fit it can be a struggle to take it off making it last shorter. If you sweat a lot or plain in rain its also important how you take care of the glove after the round. Consider using a golf glove humidor if you sweat a lot.

How you use it
Do you use it for putts? For those practice swings? For the range? Take it off between strokes? All those things + much more decides how long your golf glove will last.

How to know when its time to replace the glove?
when you feel the grip is lost and you can’t trust your glove its really about time to change it and now instead use it as a practice glove. Buy gloves in a batch and use the in parallel throughout the season. Then for next season use them as your practice gloves. If a glove gets a hole it it looses part of the fit and flexibility and probably grip also (since it wears out fastest where you need it the most). If you cant get the glove on anymore its also time to change. Maybe you played it in rain and now it doesn’t work anymore.

How to make the golf gloves last longer?

  • If its hot outside and you sweat. Take the glove of when walking to the ball. This makes you sweat less on your hands.
  • Use a spare glove when hitting those buckets on the range
  • Use on glove for the first nine and one for the back nine
  • Store your gloves in a golf glove humidor between rounds
  • After play, smooth the glove out to its original shape, fold the thumb onto the palm and lay it flat to dry
  • Rotate gloves between rounds so you have 3-4 in use at the same time
  • When taking the glove off your hand don’t tug from the thumb, instead unclasp the Velcro strap and work the glove off the back of your hand, palm and thumb.
  • Don’t use a glove when chipping and putting
  • Clean your golf glove regularly using a soft cloth dampened with clean water

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