How to store a golf glove?

Ever wondered how to store a golf glove? Welcome to the complete rundown of golf glove holders, pouches and cases.

As part of how to make your golf gloves last longer the storing of the glove is important. But why even bother? Well, first of all the gloves last longer if you store the good and if they are stored good they also keep their grip and shape better. Who wants to open the bag to find a old wet glove that dried into a ball of hard leather?

First, after each round you need to make sure you dry the glove. Does not matter if it has been raining or not. The glove will get moisture from your sweat so regardless of weather you need to dry it out. To dry it juts put it on a dry cloth and a flat surface. Make sure to “unfold” it and fold the thumb to the palm. Just like the shape they have when you buy the glove. Before you put the glove in storage you need to make sure its dry.

When it comes to storing there are multiple good options. One of the aint putting it in your bag…

The options to stora a golf glove

Below list is all you need to store your golf glove properly. The order is in no particular order and its juts  matter of budget and patience which one you go for.

  • The golf glove humidor. The is the same storage as you offer your cigars. A case of cedar wood that keeps the glove in good shape and health. The cedar wood keeps the moisture but protects the glove. Normally it can keep 3-5 gloves and keep their shape in a very good way. It can be a bit tricky to keep it in your bag because of the size but on the other hand it looks good to pick it out. Plus, if you add a cigar into it you are all setup for a round with the boys. Cost is anything between $20-$40.
  • A ziplock bag. This is a cheap option. It keeps the glove in good condition but it is a bit hard to keep the glove in good shape. A ziplock also gets folded in the bag making thus the glove fold and loose its shape. It’s a good option if you don’t want to spend any money. Put a silica packet in there along with the glove.
  • Golf glove keepers (also called golf glove pouch)  – there are also some options of leather cases to keep your gloves in. These golf glvoe holders are normally similar to a wallet for your credit cards but a bit bigger. They can have multiple partitions to separate the gloves from each other. These cases are generally made of leather or neoprene. Price range from $20 for neoprene up to $100 for more exclusive bags.
  • Hang it on your bag. This is a common option. It works better then storing it in your bag but the shape of the glove gets affected but this so there is risk you get wrinkles when the glove dries. This makes the glove eventually crack in these wrinkles.



So, which golf glove keeper should you go for? If you look for a good gift the glove humidor or the leather glove keeper is a fun gift for the golfing person. But apart from that is just a matter of your choice and how important the glove is for you. If you buy cheap gloves that lasts short maybe a ziplock is enough but if you spend $20 or more on a golf glove we think it’s a nice addition to the equipment to have a humidor or leather glove keeper.